DIY or Professional Move out Cleaning?

by Happyadmin - September 13, 2018

Move out cleaning is essential and frequently required when leaving a property. Deciding whether you want a professional house cleaning or maid service to help or if you’d rather do it yourself is a common debate. The whole move-out experience can be quite pricey, so naturally, cleaning it yourself instead of hiring professionals seems like the more reasonable option at first. Still, there are a few things to take in mind, before making this decision

Planning your time before moving out is essential.

How Much Time Do You Have?

To get the rental in a perfect state and leave no reason for tenancy deposit disputes with the landlord, you have to get a lot of things done. If you have seen the end-of-tenancy cleaning checklists of professionals, then you know it’s not an easy job. So, before starting to clean the rental yourself, you have to be sure you will have enough time to tackle with all the tasks before handling the keys.

Planning your time before moving out is essential.

Can You Cover the Cleaning Standards?

It is said that cleanliness is an abstract concept and that we all have very different perceptions of it. Nevertheless, when it comes to rental, you cannot use that argument. There are specific criteria that both letting agents and landlords agree upon. You can review this matter with your landlord before the move out cleaning and save yourself a lot of trouble. However, there are certain spots around the house, that must be cleaned thoroughly. Calculate in advance what cleaning the rental by yourself would cost you.

Covering the move out cleaning standards is a must to get your deposit back.

How Much is Your Budget?

If you have a small moving-out budget, doing the move out cleaning on your own is the best decision. However, there is something most people fail to understand. In some cases, hiring professional cleaners is really the better deal. If you have to deep-clean carpets or furniture, you will have to rent the cleaning machines anyway. Not to mention that to leave your rental in perfect condition, you may need to drive to the supermarket and get a lot of detergents and cleaning tools, which is costly, too.

So, before you decide cleaning by yourself is the more affordable option, calculate what should be rented and bought. Next, check the rates of the move out cleaning professionals. If there is no significant difference in the end price, opt for professional cleaning. This way you will be sure that you are leaving the rental property in a perfect state.

How to Make the Final Decision?

If you still hesitate whether to hire professional move out cleaners or to clean on your own, you can check these lists below:

It’s Best to Do the Move out Cleaning Yourself:
• In case you rent a room or a small apartment
• If the rental comes without furnishings
• If the carpets and furnishings have been cleaned in the past few months
• If you have enough time before moving out
• If there is someone to help you with the heavy lifting of furnishings

It’s Best to Hire Professional Move out Cleaning Company:

• If you are allergic to heavy-duty cleaning solutions and detergents
• If you don’t have much time before the moving out
• If you don’t excel at thorough deep cleaning
• In case you need to rent cleaning machines you are not familiar with
• If the landlord or real estate agent requires explicitly professional cleaning

Whatever you decide, make sure to plan the move out cleaning well. Leave enough time for furnishings to dry, invest in quality detergents, equipment, and services. Be thorough and don’t forget to take pictures of the property before the final inventory meeting.

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